December 23, 2013

This Week’s New DVDs: December 23 2013
by Tom
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This Week’s New DVDs: December 23 2013

Elysium, The Bible, Downton Abbey and The Way, Way Back are among the new DVDs released this week. All these DVDs are released on December 26 unless otherwise stated.



Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in Neill Blomkamp's dystopian sci-fi thriller about a future in which Earth is a bedraggled wreck and the wealthy have departed to a new utopia named Elysium. Spectacular and superb to look at, this was one of 2013's big success stories.


The Bible

This mini-series was a surprise hit across America and has been picking up decent viewing figures on Channel 5 in recent weeks. It's a very faithful, reverent take on the stories from the world's most famous book.


Downton Abbey: The London Season

ITV's smash-hit costume drama returns for a one-off Christmas special, which airs on Christmas Day as the nation are digesting their epic feast. In Downtown world, we're in the middle of summer and we're at heading to Buckingham Palace for Rose's 'Coming Out' party. There will be drama…


Elementary – Season One (Released December 23)

CBS's quirky take on Sherlock Holmes, which stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui in modern day New York. In this version of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic characters, Holmes is a recovering addict and Watson is appointed to be his sober companion. Initially relations are frosty, but soon they strike up a partnership and take to life as a crime-solving duo.


Pain & Gain (Released December 23)

Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Anthony Mackie star in this Michael Bay-directed flick about three bodybuilders who plan their own heist. Naturally, things don’t go exactly to plan…

The Way, Way Back
The Way, Way Back

The Way, Way Back

This is a tender, witty, coming of age comedy, which tells the story of 14-year-old Duncan, who is dragged on a summer vacation with his mother, her new, cringeworthy boyfriend and his daughter. Struggling to break out of his shell, he finds an unexpected friend at a local water park, where we finally begin to see him come to life. Starring Steve Carrell, Toni Collette, Alison Janney and a brilliant turn from Sam Rockwell, this is one of the year's finest comedies.


Vendetta (Released on December 23)

Danny Dyer goes back to his rough and ready roots in this gritty revenge thriller, which also stars Roxanne McKee and Vincent Regan. Dyer plays an ex-Special Forces investigator, now on the run from the military and home to avenge the murders of his parents. Brutal in the extreme…


Fresh Meat – Series Three

The Joe Thomas and Jack Whitehall-powered sitcom continues to go from strength to strength, you can pick up the third series of the show next week.


Lovelace (Released December 23)

Amanda Seyfried stars as the notorious porn star Linda Lovelace in this biopic about her troubled life.


The Apparition (Released December 23)

Twilight's Ashley Greene and Harry Potter's Tom Felton lead this supernatural horror flick.


Also Out This Week

Action silliness Big Ass Spider drops on to DVD, as does swords and shields drama Vikingdom. Vin Diesel stars in new action stomper Find Me Guilty while acting veteran Dolph Lundgren leads Battle Of The Damned. There are an array of fitness DVDs to help you shift those pounds we'll all inevitably gain in the next two weeks…