December 30, 2013

This Week’s New DVDs: December 30 2013
by Tom
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This Week’s New DVDs: December 30 2013

Upstream Colour, Bullet Ballet and the third searies of UK sitcom Trollied are among the new DVDs released this week. All these DVDs are released on December 30 unless otherwise stated.


Upstream Colour

This is a strange, psychedelic cinematic experience, written and directed by Shane Carruth (the man behind the critically lauded Primer), it received a comparatively limited cinematic release in the UK, but is sure to be a favourite on DVD. The film tells the story of a young man and a woman who are drawn together after both taking a mind-altering drug and their struggle to put their lives back in place. 


Bullet Ballet

The classic 1998 Japanese flick about a documentary filmmaker who becomes bizarrely embroiled in gang warfare, which is both directed by and starring Shinya Tsukamoto, is lovingly reissued with a host of new bonus features. 


Trollied - Series Three

The third series of the BBC's shop sitcom Trollied about the adventures of employees in a fictional supermarket named VALCO, which stars Jane Horrocks and Chris Geere, drops on to DVD. 



A grimy thriller set during the riots of 2011, this British crime flick tells the story of a police officer torn between his previous life as a hooligan and his new life. It stars Nick Nevern, Kellie Shirley, Jenna Harrison and Con O'Neill. 

Upstream Color
Upstream Color Upstream Color
Bullet Ballet
Bullet Ballet
Bullet Ballet
Bullet Ballet
Upstream Color: Theatrical Trailer

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