This Week's New DVDs - January 12, 2015

This Week's New DVDs: January 12th 2015
by Tom
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This Week's New DVDs: January 12th 2015

Lucy, Before I Go To Sleep, Girls and Boardwalk Empire are among this week's new releases on DVD. 



Scarlett Johansson leads this Luc Besson directed action thriller about a young woman who is suddenly gifted with extraordinary brain function. Read our full preview here. 


Before I Go To Sleep

Nicole Kidman, Mark Strong and Colin Firth star in this tense thriller about a woman battling with chronic amnesia. Read our full preview here. 


Girls - Season Three

Lena Dunham and co's third outing is released on DVD this week. Read our preview here. 


Boardwalk Empire - Season Five

The final season of the acclaimed drama comes to DVD this week. 


Dead Snow 2: Red Or Dead

The second instalment of this horror thriller, where Nazi zombies descend upon a group of friends, comes to DVD this week. 


Looking - Season One

The first season of this Jonathan Groff-led drama about a group of friends living in San Francisco is released on DVD today. 


Suspects - Season Two

The second season of this Channel 5 police procedural is released into stores. 



Jon Voight and Dermot Mulroney star in this low-key sci-fi drama. 


Night Moves

Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning star in this acclaimed drama about a group of enviromentalists who plan to blow up a dam. 


Nas: Time Is Illmatic

The documentary about the iconic rapper is released in store today. 


Lucy Luc Besson

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