This Week's New DVDs - July 6, 2015

This Week's New DVDs: July 6th 2015
by James
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This Week's New DVDs: July 6th 2015

Chappie, Focus, Still Alice and The Wedding Ringer are among this week's new releases on DVD.

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Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi featuring a sentient robot arrives on Blu-ray and an hmv exclusive steelbook this week ahead of the DVD release on July 13th - watch our interview with the director here



Will Smith and Margot Robbie star in this rom-com / thriller about two grifters on the take and falling in love, we review the film and pick five of the best films about con artists here. 


The Wedding Ringer

The hilarious comedy starring Josh Gad and Kevin Hart arrives this week, watch our interview with them here. 


Still Alice

The film that finally won Julianne Moore her first Oscar arrives in stores this week, here's everything you need to know about it...


The Boy Next Door

Jennifer Lopez leads this dark drama about a May/December romance that goes horribly wrong. 


Black Work

Sheridan Smtih stars in ITV's bleak new police drama. 



Stephen Graham and Neil Maskell lead this gritty British crime thriller about a group of policemen who decide to take the law into their own hands. 



Falling Skies

The fourth season of Noah Wyle's epic sci-fi drama comes to DVD this week. 



Bradley Walsh and Fonejacker's Kayvan Novak's new BBC sitcom hits DVD shelves today. 


Lauda: The Untold Story

This acclaimed documentary celebrates the life and achievements of Formula 1 legend Nicki Lauda. 


A Hitman in London

Mickey Rourke plays the title role in this tense action thriller. 


Kill Zone

Billy Zane and Chadwick Boseman star in this military drama about a marine who is struggling to cope with life after the Iraq war. 


Second Coming

Debbie Tucker Green writes and directs Idris Elba in this intimate drama about the life of a struggling London family. 


Return To Sender

Rosamund Pike stars in this brutal drama about a nurse whose life is turned upside down after meeting the wrong blind date. 


The Possession Of Michael King

Shane Johnson stars in this chilling horror. 


A Horse For Summer

Dean Cain leads this touching family drama. 


Roaring Currents

This epic South Korean action thriller brings to life the legendary Battle of Myeongnyang. 


Two Men In Town

Forest Whitaker and Harvey Keitel face-off in this remake of José Giovanni's 1973 cult classic. 


Fighting Demons

Sean Bean stars as a troubled boxer trying to turn his life around after a long spell in prison. Eva Longoria and Kate Walsh co-star. 



A genetically recreated dinosaur, bred for military use, escapes from its cage and begins a rampage across London. 


The Cradle Of Shadows

A group of scientists investigating a mysterious World War II bunker soon discover that they're not alone down there. 


Focus Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

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