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Tomorrowland: A World Beyond - What You Need To Know
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Tomorrowland: A World Beyond - What You Need To Know

After the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean Disney have taken another one of their theme park successes to the big screen in the shape of fantastical adventure Tomorrowland: A World Beyond. It’s released on DVD on Monday (October 5th) and here is everything you need to know about it...


What’s The Plot?

Casey Newton is a rebellious, but very scientifically gifted teenager who harbours dreams of one day going into space. When the NASA launch center at Cape Canaveral where her father works is closed down, she breaks in tries to stop people from doing that by sabotaging the equipment, leading to her being caught and thrown in jail.

When she’s released the next day and her possessions returned to her, among them is a pin which she says is not hers. When she touches it, she finds in a futuristic city named Tomorrowland where she stays until the pin runs out of energy and she is back in Florida.

Desperate to find out more about the place, Casey tries to research its origin, but soon find herself caught up in something a whole lot bigger, a bind that will force her to seek out a jaded inventor named Frank Walker and try to get back to Tomorrowland. It might the only way to save the world...


Who’s In It?

George Clooney leads the way as Frank Walker with Britt Robertson winning plenty of plaudits for her role as the curious Casey Newton. There are also key roles for Hugh Laurie, country star Tim McGraw, Fargo’s Keegan-Michael Key, Jurassic World star Judy Greer and Parks & Recreation’s Kathryn Hahn.

Does It Deliver?

It looks incredible and is a whole lot of fun. Kids and adults alike will be stunned by the visuals and charmed by the story.

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond is released on Monday (October 5th)


Tomorrowland - A World Beyond
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