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Toni Collette, David Thewlis and Jessie Buckley join cast of Charlie Kaufman's new film
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Toni Collette, David Thewlis and Jessie Buckley join cast of Charlie Kaufman's new film

Director and screenwriter Charlie's Kaufman's latest project, an adaptation of Canadian author Iain Reid's 2016 novel I'm Thinking of Ending Things, has made three new additions to its cast, with Toni Collette, David Thewlis and Jessie Buckley all signing up for Kaufman's upcoming movie.

Primarily known as the writer behind films such as Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kaufman will be making his first outing in the director's chair since 2015's wonderfully moving animation Anomalisa, having previously made his feature-length directorial debut in 2008 with Synecdoche, New York.

Based on Reid's novel, I'm Thinking of Ending Things is described as a psychological thriller and will tell the story of a woman trying to figure out how to break up with her boyfriend while on a road trip with him, when an unexpected detour sparks terror and causes her to completely rethink her life.

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson had originally been attached to the starring role in Kaufman's new film, but while the reasons for her departure have not been confirmed, it's likely that scheduling conflicts have played a part in her no longer being involved, with Kaufman's film about to begin shooting and Larson still knee-deep in promotion for both Captain Marvel and the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

Instead, Jessie Buckley looks likely to take on the role in Kaufman's adaptation, with Jesse Plemons co-starring as her boyfriend. As yet, there's no firm release date for the film, which is being funded by Netflix, but Kaufman's movie is expected to arrive sometime in 2020.

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