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Two different 24 spin-offs in development
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Two different 24 spin-offs in development

Two different 24 spin-offs are in development. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the franchise, which was formerly led by Kiefer Sutherland, has already explored one spin-off with 24: Legacy, which starred Corey Hawkins and was cancelled after one year, still has plenty of life in it with two more spin-offs. 

The first spin-off is a prequel that will explore the early days of Jack Bauer and his early days in a counter-terrorism unit.

The second looks set to be a legal drama, which will move the iconic ticking clock real-time format into an entirely different genre. Kiefer Sutherland is not expected to be involved in either spin-off. 

Fox CEO and Chairman Gary Newman confirmed the new development, saying: "We feel [the 24 format] still has a lot of power and a lot of legs. Times are fraught now, these are emotional times. Security continues to be a big issue. In terms of the prequel, people love Jack Bauer and [we] would tell a story that I think the audience would very much connect with — of how he became that character. It would be set in the same world of security.”

Then asked about the legal thriller, he added: “The idea of moving the franchise from terrorism and security into the legal world is something we talked about as far back as season 3 or 4 of 24 where, from time to time, there would be discussions of spinoffs. You have to look for an arena where the stakes are high and time matters. [The legal version of 24] deals with an execution of a prisoner and there are just 24 hours left until the execution is supposed to take place. So the stakes are high and it potentially has a lot of the same values as the original 24. Regardless of the political climate, the time’s always right for a show of that type.”

24 was launched in 2001 and ran for nine seasons. Each season featured 24 episodes with all the episodes lasting for an hour each as we follow the life of Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer for a single, fraught day. 

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