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University of Baltimore to offer course in Marvel movie studies
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University of Baltimore to offer course in Marvel movie studies

The University Of Baltimore has revealed that it will offering students the chance to enrol in Marvel movie studies. 

The new course will see students looking in detail at the likes of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy and the connecting Marvel universe that surrounds them. 

The course, which is named 'Media Genres: Media Marvels, promises to "examine how Marvel's series of interconnected films and television shows, plus related media and comic book sources and Joseph Campbell's monomyth of the "hero's journey," offer important insights into modern culture." 

The course will be taught by Arnold T Blumberg, who said of the course: “This series not only provides action-packed entertainment, but also profound statements about the nature of heroism, the great responsibilities that come with wielding great power, our willingness to trade freedom for security, and much more.”

He continued: "Every generation has a modern media mythology that serves as a framework for entertaining as well as educating about ethics, morality, issues of race, gender, class, and so on. For the past several years, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have served in that role for tens of millions. When I was younger, it was the first Star Wars series. [Now with Marvel] we have a generation coming of age with these characters and this completely mapped-out universe. It could be argued that it’s never been done better. But no matter what your age, there is always a fantasy/sci-fi/superhero realm that helps you to explore your place in the world, your identity, and your ideals. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is that realm for this generation.”

Marvel, which is owned by Disney, has released 10 movies since 2008's Iron Man, taking over $7 billion at the box office in the process. 

To find more details on the course, click here. 

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