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Victor Frankenstein - What You Need To Know
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Victor Frankenstein - What You Need To Know

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe bring Mary Shelley’s iconic tale of a scientist, his lowly apprentice and their experiment to create a brand new creature to life in this new epic. Here is everything you need to know about it...


What’s The Plot?

This movie is told from the perspective of Radcliffe’s hunchbacked Igor, who we meet at the start of the movie and find enslaved by a ringmaster and working in a circus. One night he meets Victor Frankenstein, a young medical student who discovers him and an injured aerialist Lorelei and takes them away from the ringmaster’s unpleasant clutches.

Impressed by the hunchback's vast knowledge of human anatomy, Frankenstein decides to take him under his wing and drains the cyst on his back that causes his physical abnormality and develops a harness to improve his posture. Naming him Igor in tribute to an old roommate, the doctor invites him to become a partner in his ongoing experiments to create life artificially. But after some initial triumphes go straight to the doctor’s head, Igor is forced to ponder if he’s really created two monsters...


Who’s In It?

This is very much a two-hander between McAvoy’s Doctor Victor Frankenstein and Radcliffe’s Igor, but there’s an excellent supporting cast too. Among them are former Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay, Sherlock's Andrew Scott, the ever impressive Charles Dance, Pride's Freddie Fox, the wonderful Mark Gatiss and Line Of Duty's Daniel Mays.


Does It Deliver?

Many of the other tellings of Frankenstein are intimate portrayals, all about one man’s mad genius and his battle with the principle of whether creating new life in this manner is something he should pursue. This isn’t like that at all, this is a big, bold and action-packed movie, it takes Frankenstein as a jumping off point and goes off on a rollicking adventure. It’s a very entertaining watch and an interesting take on the story.


Victor Frankenstein is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray now and available to purchase here. 

Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

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