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Warner Bros delays Andy Serkis's The Jungle Books: Origins by a year
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Warner Bros delays Andy Serkis's The Jungle Books: Origins by a year

The new adaptation of The Jungle Book, which is to be directed by Andy Serkis, has seen its release delayed by more than a year for a second time. 

The film, which is titled Jungle Book: Origins, is being directed by Serkis, best known for his role as Gollum in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, with Callie Kloves writing the script and her father Steve Kloves producing.

This is the second significant delay the movie has suffered. It was due to be released in October 2016 and was then delayed unti October 2017. Now it won't hit cinemas until October 19th in 2018.

Speaking about the delay Serkis said: "I've got to say that personally I'm absolutely thrilled that Warner Brothers have changed the delivery date of Jungle Book: Origins. The ambition for this project is huge. Every minute more that we have to evolve the technological pipeline will make all the difference…the evidence is there already and it’s off the chain exciting, so hang on in there…This is truly next generation storytelling, and it will be the real deal!”

In Serkis's new adaptation, Christian Bale will voice the role of Bagheera the panther, with Cate Blanchett as Kaa the Python. Peter Mullan will voice the part of Akela, leader of the wolfpack, with Naomie Harris and Eddie Marsan voicing other wolves in the pack. Tom Hollander is also in the cast, voicing the role of Tabaqui the jackal, while Benedict Cumberbatch will voice the film's villain, the tiger Shere Khan. 

This is the second adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic novel The Jungle Book in production. Disney's adaptation, which has been directed by Jon Favreau, is due in cinemas later this month. You can find more details on that here. 

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