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Warner Brothers planning to reboot I Am Legend without Will Smith
by Tom
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Warner Brothers planning to reboot I Am Legend without Will Smith

Warner Brothers, the studio behind 2007's post apocalyptic action drama I Am Legend, is set to reboot the franchise, but without leading man Will Smith. 

The film was a huge success, grossing over $585 million at the box office, a number that led the studio to immediately try and produce a sequel, but without any success. 

According to Deadline, they finally believe they have found a solution in the shape of a speculative script that was written by Gary Graham, a man who was working in an Apple Store in New York until a few months ago.

Graham's script The Garden At The End Of The World is described as a sci-fi version of John Wayne’s The Searchers, and, when it was acquired by the studio, producers said they noticed enough similarities that they believed it could be rewritten as a follow-up to I Am Legend, a script Graham is now working on. 

Previous attempts to continue the I Am Legend franchise have included the writing of both sequels and prequels, some involving Smith's character Dr Robert Neville, and some not. Now, however, the studio has decided to move forward without Smith. 

The practise of taking original scripts and reworking them to fit existing franchises is not uncommon by any means. 

Jonathan Hensleigh's script Simon Says was actually turned into Die Hard With A Vengeance; writer George Nolfi’s script was originally called Honor Among Thieves, but became the basis for Ocean’s Twelve and most recently, Adam Cozad’s Dubai was reworked to become Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. 

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