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Watch a new prologue for Alien: Covenant
by James
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Watch a new prologue for Alien: Covenant

In the midst of all of yesterday's celebrations for 'Alien Day', 20th Fox released a new prologue for Ridley Scott's upcoming film Alien: Covenant which goes some way to answering the question of what happens to Noomi Rapace's character Elizabeth Shaw and Michale Fassbender's android David from Prometheus, and how they might fit into the narrative of the new film.

The new clip is introduced by the director and shows Shaw making repairs to David before setting a course for the Engineers' home planet, using their ship.

With the film arriving in just two weeks' time, the new clip bridges the gap between the narratives of Prometheus and the new film, although it doesn't include any of the new cast members, so how exactly David and Shaw might encounter the crew of the Covenant - or indeed if they do at all - remains unclear, we'll have to watch the new film to find out.

In the meantime, check out the new prologue below...


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