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Watch the brand new extended trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy
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Watch the brand new extended trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy

An extended UK trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy has been revealed, click below to watch it in full.

This is the latest preview of Marvel's new big-budget fantasy epic, but is by far the longest, clocking in at two minutes and 30 seconds. 

The film is due for release on July 31st in the UK and August 1st in the US and has cost a reported $150 million dollars to produce.

The movie stars Parks And Recreation's Chris Pratt, Star Trek's Zoe Saldana, martial artist Dave Bautista as well as Vin Diesel, who plays the tree-like Groot under heavy prosthetics, and Bradley Cooper, who voices the part of Rocket Racoon. 

The trailer gives viewers a much longer look at the film's villain Ronan The Accuser, played by Lee Pace, as well as the mercenary Nebula, played by former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan. 

The release of this new trailer comes after yesterday's exclusive screening in Los Angeles, where fans queued for hours to be treated to a preview of 17 minutes of the film. 


Guardians Of The Galaxy will be released on DVD later this year. 

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