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Watch the explosive new trailer for Jason Bourne
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Watch the explosive new trailer for Jason Bourne

A brand new trailer for the much-anticipated new instalment of the Bourne franchise Jason Bourne have been unveiled, click below to watch it.

The movie features Matt Damon returning to the role of Jason Bourne and sees director Paul Greengrass return to the director's chair.

Julia Stiles will also return, with Vincel Cassel, Tommy Lee Jones and The Danish Girl star Alicia Vikander new additions to the cast. 

The new trailer offers up a far more detailed look at the new movie's premise, Bourne's return to action from retirement and shows off several enormous action set pieces, including a thunderous car chase. 

Bourne 5 will be released on July 27th in 2016. You can purchase all four previous instalments of the series here in our online store. 

The Complete Bourne Collection
The Complete Bourne Collection Tony Gilroy

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