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Watch the fiery new trailer for Gods Of Egypt
by Tom
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Watch the fiery new trailer for Gods Of Egypt

A fiery new trailer for Gods Of Egypt, the fantasy epic starring Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Costau-Walder, has been unveiled, click below to watch it. 

The movie is set in Ancient Egypt and begins with Butler's Set, God Of darkness, overthrowing Horus, God of the sky, and seizing control of the nation. From there it is up to Bek, a mortal hero, to unite with Horus and restore him to the country's throne. 

Starring alongside Butler and Costau-Walder are rising star Brenton Thwaites, Elodie Yung, Chadwick Boseman and Geoffrey Rush. The movie, which has a budget of well over $100 million, has been directed by Knowing director Alex Proyas. 

The new preview offers viewers a longer look at many of the monsters and foul creatures that the warring gods call in during their battle for Egypt. 

Gods Of Egypt will be released into cinemas on February 26th. 

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