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Watch the first 50 Shades Darker teaser
by John
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Watch the first 50 Shades Darker teaser

It doesn’t hit cinemas until 2017 but the first teaser to the sequel to 50 Shades of Grey has hit the web.

The clip shows Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey slipping on a tuxedo, along with a black mask, before the teaser enquires if you are ready for “something darker”. Check out the clip below.

The first sequel will be released on February 10th of 2017, with a third film slated to come out on February 9th of the following year – Valentine’s weekend.

As you have previously read on this website, there have been some changes behind the scenes as neither screenwriter Kelly Marcel or director Sam Taylor-Johnson will return. The original book’s author, EL James, has enlisted the services of her husband Niall Leonard to write the first sequel which, according to reports, will ditch some of the first movie’s erotic elements in favour of a more thriller-like approach.

They wouldn’t want to mess with the formula too much though, as the first film took in more than $560 million at the global box office.

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