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Watch the stunning new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence
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Watch the stunning new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence

A second trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, the long-awaited sequel to Independence Dayhas been unveiled, click below to watch it. 

Set 20 years after the original movie, which told of earth's fightback after a deadly alien invasion, the sequel finds an earth that has used the technology left behind after the invasion to build an immense defense program, but, when the aliens return once again, that it won't be enough to save the planet and the fight must taken to them. 

The sequel stars The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth, It Follows' Maika Monroe, rising star Jessie Usher, with Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A Fox, Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch all returning to the reprise their roles. Usher's role is to play the son of Captain Steven Hillier, the role played by Will Smith in the original blockbuster, who is not returning for the sequel. Hemsworth plays the son in law of President Whitmore, played by Pullman. 

The new trailer offers up a look at some of the enormous action scenes and the spectacular visual effects as well as giving more of an insight into what's happened in the 20 years between the movies. 

Independence Day: Resurgence will be released into UK cinemas on June 23rd next summer. You can check out the original movie in hmv's online store by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page. 

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