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Watch the stunning new trailer for Passengers
by Tom
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Watch the stunning new trailer for Passengers

A brand new trailer for Passengers, the new sci-fi epic starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, has been unveiled. Click below to watch it.

Starring alongside Pratt and Lawrence are Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Aurora Perrineau.

Passengers is set onboard a spacecraft tasked with ferrying 5,000 colonists to a planet named Homestead II, a journey that will take 120 years. Everyone is in suspended animation until an incident wakes up Pratt's Jim Preston and Jennifer Lawrence's Aurora leaving the pair light years from their destination, and with a ship that is beginning to malfunction. 

The preview is a shorter one, but does show more of the movie's incredible scale and visual effects. 

The movie will be released into UK cinemas on December 21st. 

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