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Watch two new 'crew messages' from Alien: Covenant
by James
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Watch two new 'crew messages' from Alien: Covenant

With less than a month to go until Ridley Scott's hotly-anticipated Alien: Covenant arrives in cinema screens, two new viral clips emerged this week featuring members of the cast delivering their final messages home as crew members on board the colony ship Covenant.

The first features Katherine Waterston's character Daniels delivering her final transmission back to Earth in an emotional message addressed to her father, but the transmission is interspersed with flashes of found footage that details the crew in some distress on their destination planet.



The second, shorter clip features Billy Crudup's Christopher Oram reading a cryptic excerpt from a prepared speech, with more creepy found footage.



Alien: Covenant is due to arrive in UK cinemas on May 12th and will be available to pre-order the same day from our online store.

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