December 11, 2013

We're The Millers: What You Need To Know
by James
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We're The Millers: What You Need To Know

What’s the background?

Released in cinemas back in August and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh), comedy We’re the Millers only cost around $39 million to make, but has been something of a surprise hit at the box office, raking in over $269 million worldwide. As if that wasn’t enough, this week Rentrak announced that the film has topped the On-Demand list in the U.S.for digital downloads. Next week sees it’s release on DVD & Blu-Ray in the UK, so here’s the rundown:

Who’s in it?

The film stars former Saturday Night Live regular Jason Sudeikis as drug dealer David Clarke, Jennifer Aniston as stripper Rose O’Reilly, Emma Roberts as teenage runaway Casey Mathis and Will Poulter as teenage virgin Kenny Rossmore. The film also features an appearance from Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald.

We're the Millers
We're the Millers Rawson Marshall Thurber

What’s the plot?

Clarke, a small-time pot dealer, finds himself out of pocket and indebted to his supplier when he is robbed after intervening in an assault. His supplier, Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms), offers him an opportunity that not only means he can square his debt with him, but pocket some extra cash into the bargain. All he needs to do is go to Mexico and smuggle a shipment of Marijuana back across the border to the U.S.

Realising that this is a risky operation, David reasons that he will stand a better chance of getting the weed consignment back across the border without getting caught if he can make it look as if he is on a family holiday, but there’s just one little snag: he doesn’t have a family.

David decides to assemble a fake family and approaches a stripper he knows called Rose with the proposition of pretending to be his wife. Rose is reluctant, but broke, so she agrees. David then recruits a teenager who lives in his building called Kenny, who also suggests a girl he knows called Casey – a teenager who lives alone – to pose as David’s daughter. With his family sorted, they settle on the surname Miller, hire an RV (that’s ‘camper van’ to you and me) and head down to Mexico. That’s when David’s problems really begin.

First of all, the shipment is considerably larger than he was expecting. Secondly, the drugs belong to someone else, who soon sets about chasing David down to try and get them back. To make matters even worse, when the RV breaks down, Don comes to the rescue. Just as David begins to think his luck is in, he discovers that Don is an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Does it deliver?

We’re The Millers has received a somewhat lukewarm reception from critics, but movie-goers seemed to love it. The plot is a little on the thin side to say the least, but there are some great comedy performances and enough gags to keep most people chuckling throughout. Definitely worth a look.

We're the Millers - Official Trailer

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