March 5, 2014

What Do You Mean Julianne Moore Didn’t Win An Oscar?
by James
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What Do You Mean Julianne Moore Didn’t Win An Oscar?

Who is she?

Julianne Moore’s rise to the silver screen has been of the slow and steady variety, beginning in 1984 with a role in a U.S. soap opera called The Edge Of Night. From there via the theatre Moore began gaining a reputation as a talented actress and by the early 90s she had landed supporting roles in films like Benny & Joon, The Hand the Rocks the Cradle and Body of Evidence. Then in 1993 Moore landed what proved to be her breakout role in Robert Altman’s Short Cuts, an ensemble drama in which she co-starred alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Andie McDowell and Jack Lemmon. The film won Altman an Oscar nomination for Best Director, even winning a special Golden Globe award for the ensemble performance of the entire cast.

Since then, Moore has starred in long list of box office hits and cult favourites, including Magnolia, The Big Lebowski, Children Of Men and Hannibal, to name a few, as well as numerous appearances in Tina Fey’s acclaimed sitcom, 30 Rock.

Despite all this, and despite receiving no fewer than four nominations at the Oscars, Moore is still yet to take home a golden statuette of her own.

What has she been nominated for?

Moore has received two nominations for Best Supporting Actress, one in 1998 for her role as porn star Amber Waves in Boogie Nights, another in 2003 for her portrayal of Laura Brown in Stephen Daldry’s The Hours. That same year also saw her nominated for Best Actress for her performance in Todd Haynes’ Far from Heaven, her second nomination for the award following another in 2000 for her part in Neil Jordan’s The End of the Affair.

Who was she up against?

Moore’s first nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 1998 saw her go head-to-head with Gloria Stuart, Minnie Driver and Joan Cusack, but Kim Basinger eventually took home the prize for her role in L.A. Confidential. In 2000 Moore was up against Meryl Streep, Janet McTeer and Annette Bening, eventually losing out to Hilary Swank’s performance in Boys Don’t Cry. 2003 pitted her against Diane Lane, Salma Hayek and Renée Zellweger in the Best Actress category, but once again Moore missed out, with The Hours co-star Nicole Kidman taking home the golden statuette. Meanwhile, in the Best Supporting Actress category of the same year, Moore was up against Kathy Bates, Meryl Streep and Queen Latifah, only to be pipped to the post by Catherine Zeta-Jones for her role as Velma in Rob Marshall 2002 remake of Chicago.

What should she have won?

Moore would have been good value for a win in 2003 for her role in The Hours, and perhaps deserves more nominations than she has received, particularly for her roles in Magnolia and Hannibal. Another underrated performance is her incredible portrayal of Sarah Palin in the made-for-TV movie Game Change, for which she did win an Emmy.
Perhaps it’s the fact that she is relatively un-ostentatious for a Hollywood actress, but Moore’s lack of an Oscar hasn’t done anything to diminish the esteem she is held in among her peers. She remains one of the best actresses never to win anything from the Academy, but you get the sense her time will come.

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