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Which Suicide Squad member are you?
by James
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Which Suicide Squad member are you?

Suicide Squad hits UK cinema screens this weekend, bringing together an unlikely bunch of anti-heroes from the world of DC Comics, but which member of this villainous task force best matches your personality?

Have a go below, and share your results on social media to let us know who you got!



If you’ve not quite got your fix of Suicide Squad, here’s five facts to keep you going…

1. Joe Kinnaman gained 30 pounds to beef up to play Rick Flag

2. In the film Diablo’s prison cell can be flooded if he starts to light fire

3. The full body Killer Croc makeup took over six hours to put on

4. This isn't the first live version of the Suicide Squad we've seen. A version of the team appeared, in the DC television series Arrow

5. The film took over £11.2m (in the UK) during the opening weekend.


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