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Whiplash - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Whiplash - Five Reasons You'll Love It

Whiplash comes to DVD this week (June 1st). We originally caught the movie at the 2014 London Film Festival and loved it. Here's that review of the Oscar winning indie drama about a promising young jazz student and his fearsome teacher...


This might not sound gripping, but it really is…

In summing up this film as a intimate drama about a promising jazz student and a difficult teacher, you might well be picturing long languid shots of empty classrooms and open hearted soul-searching as well as a serious lack of a gripping narrative, but you’d be dead wrong. Whiplash is played out at a relentless pace, full of action, verve, whipsmart dialogue and a plot that’s full of twist and turns. The 106 minutes of its running time will zip by.


J.K. Simmons is in the form of his life...

J.K. Simmons has quite often been in the best thing in average films and quite often the best thing in good films, but this is the performance of his career. As domineering, relentless and downright nasty teacher Terence Fletcher, he’s incredible. He deserved that Oscar. 


Miles Teller is ready to becoming a leading man...

You might not know Teller’s name, but you’ll have seen him in plenty of films. He’s had roles in Divergent, That Awkward Moment, 21 And Over and The Spectacular Now, but he’s always been one of the gang, part of an ensemble, this time he’s front and centre. As promising drummer Andrew Neiman, he captures the character’s drive and vulnerability absolutely perfectly.


Damien Chazelle’s direction is superb…

This is Chazelle’s first real foray into feature filmmaking and it’s one hell of a way to get started. The direction is pacy, the dialogue sparky and, as we’ve said above, the performances he’s coaxed out of his main men are oustanding.


You will never see a jazz band shot better...

The sections where we watch the band play in this film are shot like a fight scene from a top notch action film. Totally gripping.


Whiplash is out now on DVD. 

Whiplash - UK Trailer - At Cinemas January 16 2015

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