April 5, 2016

Who Will Win? hmv Staff pick their favourite Batman and Superman...
by Tom

by Tom Goodwyn

hmv London; 05/04/2016


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Who Will Win? hmv Staff pick their favourite Batman and Superman

The Man Of Steel and Caped Crusader are currently battling it out in cinemas in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but who do hmv staff prefer? We asked people to name their favourite Batman and Superman...

The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale

By Brandon, hmv Poole

Christian Bale is the best Batman, he plays the character in perfect form. Bale's portrayal of Batman is dark, slick and true to the Batman in the New 52 series of comics.

Bale's Dark Knight fits perfectly with Christopher Nolan's direction, Nolan adds a dark feel and portrays Gotham as a dark seedy underworld which helps Bale's Batman to thrive and create a raw, organic Batman experience that audiences haven't seen before.

Superman: The Ultimate Collection

Christopher Reeve

By Paul, hmv Inverness

This is a childhood thing. Christopher Reeve was the Superman I grew up with, either in the Cinema or on VHS. He was super at being Kal-El and with a change of hair parting & a pair of specs he was instantly Clark Kent. He fought  abd defeated the best Zod in Terence Stamp and the best Lex Luthor in Gene Hackman. The 1978 tagline for Superman was "'You'll believe a man can fly" and with Christopher Reeve on the screen I did.

Batman: Motion Picture Anthology

George Clooney

By Gavin, hmv Middlesbrough

George Clooney changed the way we viewed Batman after his role as the caped crusader, altering our view from a dark and brooding Batman to a more lighthearted and back to basics comic styled Batman, more in the vein of Adam West's original.

Clooney brought vibrancy and fun back to the franchise, playing off big named baddies (Schwarzenegger and Thurman) with a zesty if not camp manner. This is full on fun, surely that's what comic book characters were created for. It was shame that even Clooney himself blasted his own role as Batman.

Superman: The Ultimate Collection

Brandon Routh

By Jordan, hmv Soulihull

Brandon Routh got such a bad rap from Superman Returns – the 2006 blockbuster starring Routh, Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey. The film pitted the titular character against one of Superman’s most iconic and feared villain, Lex Luthor (Spacey).

On top of going toe-to-toe (and surviving) against Kevin Spacey in regards to acting, Brandon Routh does a stellar job at encapsulating the original portrayal of Superman, played by Christopher Reeve. Portraying both Clark Kent and Superman down to a T, it’s a shame that we haven’t seen Brandon Routh in the red cape and undies-over-the-tights since.

Batman: Assault On Arkham

Kevin Conroy

By Pauline, Fopp Byres Road

Providing the most consistent and versatile version of Batman, Conroy can bring a light and dark version of the caped crusader in a way others have only tried. When reading Batman comics it is always Conroy's version of Batman that's in my head!

Lois and Clark: The Complete Season 1

Dean Cain

By Jamie, hmv Middlesbrough

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman was a 90's cornerstone for television. Dean Cain made that so with his version of the Man of Steel and to me he's the definitive Superman.

His tongue in cheek approach to the role gave him depth and character, instead of seeming like a basic stone faced goody two shoes. His relationship with Lois Lane also gave him that more relatable persona to the audience unlike others before him. His stature was a huge boost to the role he played, this made him look like the real Superman. He has the right moves, the right looks and that what makes him the greatest on screen depiction of the boy from Krypton.

Batman Returns

Michael Keaton

By Jon Duncan, hmv Basingstoke

I'm biased to Michael Keaton as he was the first Batman I saw that wasn't animated, but for me he's still the best.

He was a dark character but didn't lose any of the comic book style unlike the later films/actors. Also the Michael Keaton era of Batman had excellent Villains to pit against him and he by far had one of the best batsuits not overly complex and no nipples like the unfortunate Clooney suit. this is why to me he will be the best batman.

Man of Steel

Henry Cavill

By Jamie, hmv Romford

Having grown up with Christopher Reeve as Superman for me (some artists still draw Superman in Reeves' image, and nobody can argue why Brandon Routh was chosen for 'Superman Returns), and loving those films so much, I couldn't help but feel a little bit sceptical about somebody else playing The Last Son of Krypton.

You have to basically be perfect. And I had to walk out of the cinema after the film and confess to my wife that I'd developed a bit of a thing for Henry Cavill. I think he nailed it completely. The red boots can't be easy to fill, and I can't wait to see him go toe to toe with Batfleck...