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Wild Rose - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Wild Rose - Five Reasons You'll Love It

Rising star Jessie Buckley has already wowed with her performances in War and Peace, Taboo and dark drama Beast, but this week she wows in a whole new context. 

In new film Wild Rose, Buckley plays Rose-Lynn Harlan, a young Glaswegian who is fresh out of prison and trying to rebuild her life and relationship with her children.

She dreams of running away to Nashville to become a country star, but that's a dream that isn't the least bit appealing to her mother...

Starring alongside Buckley and Walters are Sophie Okonedo and Jamie Sives. 

Tom Harper, who directed Buckley in the BBC's take on War and Peace as well as episodes of Peaky Blinders and Misfits, is behind the camera. 

The film arrives on DVD shelves on Monday (August 19th) and we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons why you'll love it...


Jessie Buckley is sensational...

Buckley's star has been on the rise for quite a while, but this performance should take her into the stratosphere. There are some many layers to this performance, she'll have you smiling, laughing and welling up. And...


Boy, can she sing...

Over the course of the film, Buckley belts out plenty of big country staples from the likes of Emmylou Harris, Wynonna Judd and Chris Stapleton as well as a series of tracks written for the film. Her voice is incredible, she can do both raucous, dust in throat and powerful tearjerkers with great aplomb. 


There is a distinct lack of schmaltz...

It would have been very easy for filmmakers to try and make a low-budget A Star Is Born, but this is most definitely not that story. This is a gritty emotional rollercoaster that is as much a family drama as it is a musical. 


The supporting cast excel too...

Julie Walters is particularly terrific as Harlan's fiery Mother, while there are also great turns from Sophie Okenodo and James Harkness. 


There are some great country cameos...

Beloved DJ 'Whispering' Bob Harris has a fine supporting role in this, while, if you're a real country fan, you'll be able to spot a few famous faces towards the end of the film.


Wild Rose is released on DVD on Monday (August 19th). 

Wild Rose
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