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Will Ferrell to return for Zoolander 2
by James
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Will Ferrell to return for Zoolander 2

Will Ferrell has let slip some details on Zoolander 2, saying that his character Mugatu will return in the sequel to Ben Stiller’s 2001 comedy. Speaking to, the actor said that the script is already done: “We are actually supposed to do a read-through of a sequel script soon, and Mugatu is a part of it.”

Justin Theroux is reportedly set for the director’s chair for the new movie, the premise of which will include Derek Zoolander and his former nemesis Hansel taking on younger models as a rival agency attempts to put them out of the modelling business for good.

The news is sure to please fans of the original following Ben Stiller’s comments back in December of last year that the project was ‘on hold’ because they hadn’t quite gotten it right yet: “Mike Myers did it well with the Austin Powers movies — they were all funny, and very ‘of their time’. And Zoolander is ‘of its time’, too, so it’s about how we could bring it up to date, to the present day.”


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