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Wonder Woman: Five Reasons You'll Love It
by Georgina
by Georgina hmv London, Bio 'These aren't the droids you're looking for.'

Wonder Woman: Five Reasons You'll Love It

When it comes to superhero movies, it’s fair to say that fans have been quite outspoken about the first three instalments into the DC Extended Universe. Whilst they’ve been very successful in the box office (even setting new records), they haven’t seemed to quite hit the mark with fans and critics alike.

However their fourth title in the series could change all of that, as the DCEU have answered the resonating call from millions of fans since the rise in popularity of the genre - they’ve created a kickass superhero movie where the main protagonist is a woman.

Many agreed that Wonder Woman was one of the best things about the previous Batman vs Superman, despite having much less screen-time than the title characters. But now we finally get to see Diana of Themyscira in all her glory and explore her fascinating origin story.

Set during the First World War, Diana has spent her life on the beautiful island of Themyscira with the mighty and powerful Amazons, hidden away from the world of mankind. US pilot Steve Trevor somehow manages to discover the land, and brings with him the story of the ‘war to end all wars’. Believing it to be the work of Ares, Diana leaves the only world she’s ever known to embrace her true destiny and save mankind from evil influences of the God of War.

With a stellar cast including Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, David Thewlis, and Robin Wright under the superb directing efforts of Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is already becoming known as the best entry into the DCEU to date.

Wonder Woman hits DVD shelves on Monday (October 8th) and is available to pre-order on DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook (exclusive to hmv), but we managed to catch an early viewing and here are five reasons why you’ll love it…


Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman…

Gadot truly understands Diana’s principles and her ideals which she demonstrates with grace and fire throughout the movie. She’s not fighting for love and she’s not reliant on anyone to propel her forward, she’s the purest force of good who wants to protect those who cannot defend themselves. Gadot also spent a lot of time training in preparation for the role, from swordsmanship to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and she delivers an incredible performance in every action sequence throughout.


The rest of the cast are also excellent…

The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, the fierceness of Robin Wright as General of the Amazons, the chilling scenes of Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison - just a snippet of the plethora of acting talent to be seen. Every character feels so realistic and well rounded, despite being shown to have flaws. A true testament to all members of the cast.


The fight sequences are breathtaking…

The trailers gave us a preview into some pretty epic looking fights, and these did certainly not disappoint. From the slow motion camera work to incredible fight choreographies, each scene will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. Especially the one fought on the shores of Themyscira…


The costumes are fantastic…

When you first get a glimpse of the island of Themyscira, it leaves you in complete awe of it’s beauty. Not just for the white sands and luscious green grasses, but also for the armour donned by the Amazon warriors. Not a sight of clunky costumes clearly designed for men, or overly sexualised outfits one might find in the comics, but instead we get to see practical clothing for female warriors (based on authentic Greek armour) and they look absolutely amazing.


We’re going to see a sequel…

Zack Snyder has already confirmed there are plans to develop another standalone Wonder Woman, with Patty Jenkins also being very interested in taking the story further. And from everything that we’ve seen in this movie, the sequel can’t come soon enough…


Wonder Woman releases as a Limited Edition Filmbook and Blu-Ray Steelbook, exclusive to hmv, on October 9th. It is also available in DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray and 4K. 

Wonder Woman (hmv Exclusive) Limited Edition Steelbook
Wonder Woman (hmv Exclusive) Limited Edition Steelbook Patty Jenkins

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