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Work begins on Paddington 3, new director to take charge
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Work begins on Paddington 3, new director to take charge

Work on the third instalment of Paddington is underway, the film's producer has revealed. 

David Heyman, who has overseen both Paddington films as well as the Harry Potter franchise, told Collider that the story is coming together. 

He also added that Paul King, who has taken charge of both movies so far, is unlikely to direct the new one. 

Heyman said: "I don’t think Paul King will direct the third. He did the first two – he and I are working on another project together. He’s very special, Paul. We’re developing a third Paddington. We haven’t got a script yet, we’ve got a treatment which we’re still working on."

The producer added that King will still be involved and will work on the film's story. 

He said: "Paul is involved in it, I wanted him to be involved in it because I think he’s such a significant voice, but I don’t think he’ll direct it. He worked on the idea. He comes up with the idea with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton and then they develop it and come back for more, back and forth, and then it’ll get written and Paul will come in and stir it up a little bit."

You can check out both previous instalments of Paddington here in hmv's online store. 

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