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X-Men: Days Of Future Past - The Rogue Cut: What You Need To Know
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X-Men: Days Of Future Past - The Rogue Cut: What You Need To Know

Over the next couple of years the X-Men universe is about to get a whole lot bigger with Deadpool, Gambit, X-Men: Apocalypse and Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine all on the way, but if you can’t wait until then, there’s a brand new cut of last year’s monumental X-Men: Days Of Future Past out today (July 13th). Here’s everything you need to know about it...


Hang on, I thought this movie came out months ago?

You’re right, it did. It was a box office smash, taking over $800 million during its cinematic run and then becoming a big hit on DVD. But, this is an alternate cut, featuring around 17 more minutes of action and a lot more of Rogue, the beloved character played by Anna Paquin.


Who’s In It?

Just about everyone from X-Men past, present and future. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen star as the older Professor Xavier and Magneto, with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender also returning as their younger selves. Hugh Jackman is, of course, Wolverine, with the likes of Ellen Page, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult all returning to take up their previous roles once again.

Joining the cast are Evan Peters, who adds welcome comic relief as Quicksilver, and Peter Dinklage, who lights up the screen as villain Bolivar Trask. Most importantly in this version of course is Anna Paquin’s Rogue, who didn’t feature much in Days Of Future Past, but gets a bigger role this time out.


What’s The Plot?

Right. X-Men: First Class took us back in time, but now we’re way into the future. Xavier and Magneto are old men, watching their mutant brethren slowly and steadily being wiped out by invincible soldiers known as sentinels. Faced with extinction, they are forced to hatch a plan to send a mutant back to stop Bolivar Trask, the sentinels’ inventor, from gaining the technology he needs to make them a reality. As the only one of the mutants strong enough to stand it, Wolverine is sent back and holds the future of every single Mutant in his claws...

As far as the extra 17 minutes or so of footage, despite the title, it’s not all centred around Paquin’s Rogue, there’s a lot more of McKellen’s Magneto and big action sequences involving those rather deadly sentinels.

According to Bryan Singer, this is “a different version of the story. A lot of new scenes, new visual effects, things I’ve added to the film.”

Does It Deliver?

This is a release for the fans, there’s no point in pretending otherwise, but if you are a fan, or just hungry for something while Singer and the team put together X-Men: Apocalypse, then this is perfect.


X-Men: Days Of Future Past - Rogue Cut is out now in hmv stores across the UK and is available to order here from our online store.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past - The Rogue Cut
X-Men: Days Of Future Past - The Rogue Cut X-Men: Days Of Future Past - The Rogue Cut

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