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You Should Have Left - What You Need To Know
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You Should Have Left - What You Need To Know

Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried lead the way in this dark horror, which was bound for cinemas before the pandemic hit. It's out on DVD this week and here is everything you need to know about it...


Who’s in it?

Bacon and Seyfried star, with Avery Essex playing the couple's young daughter Ella. Geoff Bell and Lowri-Ann Richards make up the rest of this small cast. 


And who’s directing?

David Koepp is both writer and director on this one. Koepp is the ninth most successful screenwriter of all time in terms of U.S. box office receipts with a total gross of over $2.3 billion, including monsters like Jurassic Park and War Of The Worlds. He also previously directed Bacon in Stir Of Echoes, and has the likes of Ricky Gervais' hit comedy Ghost Town and psychological horror Secret Window on his directing CV. 

Horror king Jason Blum is among the production talent. 


What’s the plot?

Bacon plays Theo, a wealthy, retired banker who has married a young actress, Seyfried's Susanna and started a family with young daughter Ella. 

Their relationship is under strain after a long argument, and, to recover things, they decide to book a holiday in a remote cottage in Wales. 

They arrive and try to settle in, but they quickly discover that there is something strange about the house. Time seems to pass unusually fast and they both experience bad nightmares. They also discover that neither one of them made the booking, each thinking the other did it.

From there, things degenerate. Feelings of jealousy, distrust and a looming confrontation with their respective dark pasts, all are fuelled by the spooky surroundings...


Does it deliver? 

For horror fans, Blumhouse is one of the ultimate stamps of approval. Full of jump scares and darts, it's perfect for committed horror freaks and occasional watchers alike. 


You Should Have Left is out now in hmv stores and available here in hmv's online store. 

You Should Have Left
You Should Have Left Kevin Bacon

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