Five Reasons You’ll Love It - June 1, 2017

You Were Never Really Here - Five Reasons You’ll Love It
by Roz
by Roz hmv London, Bio hmv guest film critic and writer

You Were Never Really Here - Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) is an ex FBI and war veteran suffering from PTSD and demons from his childhood. He’s employed in a very singular line of work as a brutal enforcer paid via an agency by parents whose children have been trafficked into sex rings, he finds and returns them. He may save the children but the one person he doesn’t appear able to save is himself from his demons. This is the latest film from Scottish, female director Lynne Ramsay and in this heart wrenching tale she doesn’t flinch from showing the brutal reality in sparse, gritty and yet at times tender way. It is easy to compare this film to Martin Scorsese’s seminal classic Taxi Driver because both central characters are war veterans suffering from PTSD but that is where any comparison should end. Lynne Ramsay’s film stands on it’s own and here are the five things we love:


The way in which reality and fiction coexists...

The story telling captures perfectly the central character’s battle with PTSD and his inability to piece together all the fragments of memories swirling around in his mind.


The soundtrack...

Sometimes sound can be distracting but here the pulsating and frenetic soundtrack perfectly captures the mood of the film. Of course when it is done by John Greenwood of Radiohead you’d expect nothing less!


The attention to detail...

When you rewatch this film, and you will rewatch it, you will notice details that you didn’t capture the first viewing.


Joaquin Phoenix is just a tour de force...

He is completely mesmerising and was rightly compensated with the best actor award at Cannes. His character Joe doesn’t say much, but he conveys the constant mixture of torment and pain in every scene.


It is short and sweet...

At only 85 minutes get ready for the rollercoaster not just emotional but visual, director Lynne Ramsay keeps you guessing in every frame. It is heart stopping.


Here's a first-look trailer:

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