January 3, 2014

Your Next Box Set: Dollhouse
by Tom
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Your Next Box Set: Dollhouse

On the lookout for a new boxset to fill your long, dreary winter evenings with? Each week, hmv.com will be recommending you a series that you will have wishing those cold nights would go on forever…

After the ending of the stupendously successful Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the release of Avengers: Assemble, beloved writer/producer Joss Whedon really didn't have much luck with US networks. Not that this stopped him producing some blindingly good TV mind. We've already told you to check out his short-lived creation Firefly, and, assuming you've finished that, you should move onto Dollhouse. Here's why…


What it is?

The show is set across a number of underground organisations, known as Dollhouses. People sign up and agree to give their memories over to the organisation for a fee, after this they are free to be loaded with temporary personalities to undertake missions for wealthy clients.

At the same time, a rogue FBI agent is out to bring down the organisation, as is one of their original actives, a rogue employee named Alpha.


Who’s in it?

Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku as Echo, the show's main active and the focus of many of the episodes, alongside her as actives are Enver Gjokai as Victor and Dichen Lachman as Sierra.

The show also features British actress Olivia Williams, who plays Adele DeWitt, the iron fisted manager of the Dollhouse, along with Harry Lennix, who portrays Boyd Langton, the head of security at the organisation. Fran Kranz also stars, playing science whiz Topher, while Angel's Amy Acker is also a regular as Dr. Claire Saunders.

On their tail as the FBI agent attempting to bring down the Dollhouse is Agent Paul Ballard, played by Tahmoh Penikett, best known for his role in Battlestar Galactica.

Dollhouse FOX


Why should I watch it?

Because it's intelligent, captivating TV which demands repeated viewings. It's complex, emotional sci-fi built round an engaging concept. In short, it's just great.


If it’s so great, why isn’t it on TV any more?

As Whedon himself has said on a number of occasions, Fox, the network who showed the series, didn't give it a fair chance. It was a complex series, which expected a lot from its audience and tried to ask searching questions. It's no surprise it's far more revered now than it was while on air.


Describe the show in three words…

Clever, complex, gripping; that about sums it up.

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