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Your Next Box Set: Entourage
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Your Next Box Set: Entourage

On the lookout for a new box set to spend your evenings devouring? Each week, will be recommending you a series that will swallow up your whole life until your finish the last episode...

This week, we look at Entourage, the TV show that can make you feel like a Hollywood star without even leaving the sofa…

What is it?

Entourage follows the life of fictional up-and-coming movie star Vincent Chase, and his gang of best mates / hangers-on. Loosely based on the experiences of executive producer Mark Wahlberg, the series starts off with Vince coming off the back of a breakthrough hit, and sees him run the gauntlet of Hollywood stardom, from starring in super-hero movies, proving his acting chops in indie dramas and ending up in rehab.

As the title would suggest though, the show is just as much about Vince’s entourage as it is about him. Making up is his crew are level-head Eric, his manager and best friend; Turtle, his driver, ‘gofer’, and all-round chancer; and Johnny Drama, the older Chase brother who was once the star of a syndicated sci-fi show but spends most of his time tagging onto his little brother’s fame. Rounding out the main cast is Vince’s hardball-playing agent Ari Gold.

Who’s in it?

Taking the lead role as Vince is Adrian Grenier, who has the movie star good looks and charisma of a young Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio. It makes you wonder why he isn’t a bigger star in the real world – the truth is he isn’t that great of an actor but he’s absolutely perfect for the show. Dependable Kevin Connolly (The Notebook) plays dependable Eric, and Jerry Ferrara is likeable as Turtle. Kevin Dillon as Vince’s less famous brother Johnny is wonderful piece of meta-casting, as in real life he’s Matt Dillon’s younger sibling. The real ace in the hole though is the irrepressible Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold, who steals every scene he’s in.

It’s also worth noting the amount of famous faces who pop up, from Eminem to James Cameron to Scarlett Johansson. Even better are the stars who have recurring roles playing twisted versions of themselves, from Eric trying to romance Anna Farris to Seth Green being an obsessive stalker.

Why should I watch it?

Because, quite frankly, it’s just so much fun. It’s a glitzy look behind the scenes at the movie industry, littered with celebrity cameos, and makes you feel like you could be Hollywood power player yourself. The show looks and feels expensive, and the excerpts from Vince’s films really feel like they could really be showing at your local multiplex.

The relationships between the cast form the true heart of the show though, and the chemistry between them, particularly Turtle and Johnny Drama, is wonderful. Turtle and Drama make one of the funniest double acts on TV, and it’s impossible for the show not to leave a smile on your face.

Describe the show in three words…

Hollywood, high-speed and hilarious.

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