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Your Next Box Set: Fargo
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Your Next Box Set: Fargo

On the lookout for a new box set to spend your evenings devouring? Each week, will be recommending you a series that will swallow up your whole life until your finish the last episode...

This week, it’s Fargo…

What is it?

A television adaptation of the Coen brother’s great 1996 comedic thriller. Supposedly ‘based on a true story’ (even though it totally isn’t at all), it’s set in the same world as the original film, just 19 years later, with brand new characters. The new series follows the arrival of mysterious and dangerous drifter Lorne Malvo to a small Minnesota town, and particularly his interactions with unassuming insurance salesman Lester Nygaard. Meanwhile, police officers Molly Solverson and Gus Grimly are following trail of killings which they believe might be related to Malvo and Nygaard. To say any more would be spoiling the fun…

Who’s in it?

It’s got as impressive a cast as you could ever want from a TV show. As the dangerous Lorne Malvo we have the great Billy Bob Thornton, a man no stranger to playing scary and disturbing weirdos. Up against him is Sherlock and The Office’s Martin Freedman, as everyman Lester Nygaard. Playing the two cops are Colin (son of Tom) Hanks, and newcomer Allison Tolman. Other familiar faces in recurring roles are cult comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia star Glenn Howerton and US comedy legend Bob Odenkirk.

Fargo FX

Why should I watch it?

Because it perfectly captures the oddball sensibilities of the Coen’s original but also offers a fascinating new story. It is fast paced, exciting and unpredictable, but still anchored by great characters and actors, and has a brilliant snowy location.

Describe the show in three words…

Quirky, killer and compelling.

Fargo TV Series - Official Story Trailer [HD]

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