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Your Next Box Set: Frasier
by Tom
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Your Next Box Set: Frasier

On the lookout for a new box set to spend your evenings devouring? Each week, will be recommending you a series that will swallow up your whole life until your finish the last episode...

This week, we recommend one of the greatest comedies ever broadcast, it’s Frasier


What is it?

Dr Frasier Crane began his life on the small screen in Cheers, a role initially expected to last just a few episodes, but a role that proved so popular producers not only extended it, but gave its own spin-off, a spin-off that lasted for 11 further seasons.

We find ourselves in Seattle, where Dr Crane works as a psychiatrist on a popular radio station. Divorced and now living with his elderly father and his live in carer, Frasier must build a new life in Seattle, find new friends and new romance, but something always seem to get in the way…


Who’s in it?

Kelsey Grammar stars as the aforementioned Frasier, with David Hyde Pierce playing his nervous brother Niles, and John Mahoney as his wisecracking father Martin. British actress Jane Leeves play Daphne, Martin’s live-in carer, with Peri Gilpin as Roz, Frasier’s long-suffering producer.


Why should I watch it?

It might have been off the air for a decade now, but the scripts remain as a razor sharp as the day they were broadcast. Every acerbic one-liner, every clever turn of phrase and every brilliant and bizarre situation Frasier finds himself in is well-worth revisiting.


Describe the show in three words…

Sharp, sophisticated and side-splitting.

Frasier NBC

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