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Your Next Box Set: My So-Called Life
by Tom
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Your Next Box Set: My So-Called Life

On the lookout for a new boxset to spend your evenings devouring? Each week, will be recommending you a series that you will have wishing those cold nights would go for a good while longer…

This week, we recommend My So-Called Life, a short-lived, much-loved show that redefined teen dramas forever after…


What it is?

My So-Called Life is quite an odd fish. Originally shown in 1995, it was cancelled after just one series, but has since gained a huge cult following and frequently features in lists of the best shows ever made.

So what’s it about? Well it’s basically the story of Angela, a 15-year-old girl at Liberty High School in Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. We follow her as she makes new friends, leaves old ones behind and tries to woo the boy of her dreams.


Who’s in it?

Claire Danes stars as Angela Chase, the show’s flawed heroine and focal point, with Bess Armstrong (who would later go on to have a major role in One Tree Hill) and Tom Irwin (now staring in Devious Maid) as her parents. Her new close friends Rayanne and Rickie are played by A.J Langer and Wilson Cruz, with a very young Jared Leto playing Jordan Catalano, the object of Angela’s desire.


Why should I watch it?

If the above sounds too much like Dawson’s Creek (which took a great deal of inspiration from My So-Called Life) or any other teen drama, then it’s not. My So-Called Life has a dry take on life, that’s entirely different to many of the classic shows in the genre. The dialogue is offbeat and sparky, and although the first person monologue you get from Angela can be jarring at first, you soon settle in and begin to really enjoy it.


Describe the show in three words…

Angsty, challenging and addictive.


My So-Called Life is available in hmv stores across the UK now.

My So-Called Life
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