February 14, 2014

Your Next Box Set: Battlestar Galactica
by Tom
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Your Next Box Set: Battlestar Galactica

On the lookout for a new boxset to spend your evenings devouring? Each week, hmv.com will be recommending you a series that you will have wishing those cold nights would go for a good while longer…

This week, we recommend Battlestar Galactica


What it is?

When it comes to sci-fi, there's not been a series since Star Trek that has attracted the same cult following as Battlestar Galactica. Set far into the future, in a distant star system, we're faced with a scenario where only a tiny civilization of humans live on a group of planets known as the Twelve Colonies.

Previously, the colonies had been at war with a robotic race of their own creation, known as the Cylons, whose last attack devastated humanity, leaving only 50,000 humans alive. Those who escaped are all aboard spaceships and the eponymous Battlestar Galactica is the only military capital ship that survived the attack. The ship's crew are tasked with leading the survivors to a fabled refuge, otherwise known as Earth.


Who’s in it?

Edward James Olmos plays Commander William Adama with Dances With Wolves star Laura Roslin playing President Laura Roslin and Riddick star Katee Sackoff playing Lt. Lara Thrace. Other leading lights are Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Dollhouse leading man Tahmoh Penikett and Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless.


Why should I watch it?

It sounds very geeky (it is very geeky, there's no way around that), but the narrative is superb, the storylines are gripping and the characters are given space to breathe and develop. You'll find yourself hopelessly addictive incredibly quickly…


Describe the show in three words…

As epic as it gets. That's five words, but they're the best ones..

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica ABC
Battlestar Galactica - Epic Series Trailer

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