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Yves Saint Laurent and The Five Best Films about Fashion…
by Tom
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Yves Saint Laurent and The Five Best Films about Fashion…

Next week, Yves Saint Laurent, the biopic about the groundbreaking French fashion designer, comes to DVD. Starring Pierre Niney as Saint Laurent, it charts his life from 1958 onwards including his rise to the top of the world of fashion and his troubled relationship with partner Pierre Berge.

To celebrate the release, we’ve had a bit of a rummage through the wardrobe and put together a rundown of our five favourite films about fashion. Here goes…


5. Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead

Part Home Alone, part screwball comedy, this 1991 cult classic tells the story of three siblings who are left with a geriatric babysitter when their mum packs up for a three-month vacation in Australia. When the babysitter suffers a heart attack and dies, leaving them broke for the summer, the eldest, Sue Ellen (a young Christina Applegate) somehow blags her way into a job at a hip fashion company to pay the bills for the summer. Then it all starts to go a bit wrong…

It’s a little dated, but its bizarre mixture of bravado and belly laughs makes it well worth going back to.


4. Blow-Up

The darkest of all our selections, this 1966 thriller, directed by Italian visionary Michelangelo Antonioni, follows a fashion photographer who suddenly discovers that he might have snapped something very sinister indeed while shooting in a London park. It’s creepy, it’s weird, it’s full of verve and shuddering moments and you can read our full feature on it here.


3. The Devil Wears Prada

Not to be confused with the ferocious Christian metalcore types, this 2006 adaptation of Lauren Weisberger’s best-selling novel remains a breezy, gripping watch. Anne Hathaway stars as the newly graduated Andrea, who has arrived in New York in the hope of securing a job in journalism, after scratching around for a job, she stumbles into a role as junior personal assistant to Miranda Priestley (played impeccably by Meryl Streep), the fearsome editor of Runway, the nation’s top fashion magazine. Telling herself she only has to do this job for a year before moving on, she soon discovers that life working for Miranda will be more exhausting and challenging then she ever could have imagined.

It’s full of killer one liners and has a great script, which really brings the best out of both Streep and Hathaway.


2. The September Issue

Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestley was reported strongly modelled on Vogue’s fearsome editor Anna Wintour, and in this documentary, which follows the production of Vogue’s huge September issue, you get a real insight into the pomp, ceremony and sheer expense that goes into everything Vogue does. It’s weirdly fascinating.


1. Zoolander

Back in 2001, Ben Stiller was in the form of his life, in successive years he’d starred in There’s Something About Mary, Meet The Parents and The Royal Tenenbaums, just after directing the acclaimed dark comedy The Cable Guy. His next directorial venture would prove to be just as good, it's the fashion industry parodying, hilariously funny Zoolander.

The plot goes a bit like this: Derek Zoolander (Stiller) has been the world’s most famous and successful model, but his time is coming to an end and there’s a new kid in town named Hansel (Owen Wilson) who looks set to take his crown. Desperate not to be knocked off his perch, he teams up with fashion guru Mugatu, hoping to revive his fortunes, but it turns out he’s involved in something much sketchier…

Full of brilliant quotable lines (Blue Steel, Zoolander’s look, has definitely seeped into popular conversation) and hilarious set-pieces, this is still a killer comedy, every single time…


Yves Saint Laurent is released on DVD on Monday (July 14th) in hmv stores across the UK.

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