• "You can't really deny or ignore the damning influence that the privately-educated few have had on the country…" - hmv.com talks to Sleaford Mods

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  • Get the full lowdown on madcap icy thriller Cold Pursuit...

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  • We preview Giggs' storming new LP Big Bad...

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  • "I thought it would be cool to do a story about a normal boy who finds the Sword in the Stone..." - hmv.com talks the cast and director of The Kid Who Would Be King

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  • "We lived with little money, but with a lot of freedom and time..." - hmv.com talks to Michael Rother

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Dark, brooding beats with R&B vibes, this is everything you need to know about @officialgiggs' BIG BAD:… https://t.co/qACR9ifU46

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Michael Myers is back to terrify a new generation. Here's why you'll love #HalloweenMovie: https://t.co/3i6WGvoWOT pic.twitter.com/hXk3xV7fqL

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ICYMI: Release date for Bond 25 has been delayed & a new writer has been brought on board... https://t.co/KJyJf2ocMy pic.twitter.com/sNSoxYqXLj

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